"I have worked with Becky for a couple of years now, and couldn't be happier with the results.  I like the principles behind the osteopathic approach, and can easily understand how it leads to better health – both long and short term. In my first treatment with Becky, I went from being unable to stand up or even move without pain, to competing in a professional golf tournament only days later – and have still not had a recurrence.     Thank you Becky!" 

About Becky 

As a child, I participated in numerous sports before settling on figure skating as my main focus.  After experiencing several sports related injuries myself, I developed an interest in understanding how the human body heals and the motivation required to return to competitive sport post injury.  This led to my enrollment at the University of Calgary where I studied Kinesiology, majoring in Athletic Therapy.

After many years in the field, I felt something was missing in my approach and treatment methods with clients.  This led me to osteopathy as it focuses on the underlying cause of pain or dysfunction in a person’s body, besides the surface symptoms.  I have completed fifth year of a five year program at the Canadian School of Osteopathy Manual Practice and am currently working on my thesis titled 'The Effects of Global Osteopathic Treatment on Hamstring Flexibility.'

​I'm currently working at Ananta Wellness & Osteopathy.

University of Calgary, Bachelor of Kinesology, Major in Athletic Therapy 2005
Certified Athletic Therapist CAT(c) 2005
Canadian School of Osteopathy Manual Practice, Vancouver Campus-5 year program